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When you crest a mountain range in a vehicle, it is like looking at a pretty picture, but on motorcycle, you are in the picture, because a motorcycle just makes things different like that. It’s actually difficult to explain it to someone who hasn’t tried it.

Look What You’re Missing is a documentary story that comprises thirteen episodes, each twenty-four minutes long. The series is currently in production.

It features the adventures of a group of BMW bikers who explore the ‘roads less travelled’ throughout Southern Africa, on-road and off-road. Sound familiar? Maybe.  But there’s a not-so-subtle difference. Rather than emphasizing what the rider sees, it zooms in on what he/she does not see. Hence the title which is both a question and a challenge:

“Look What You’re Missing”

Throughout each episode, the viewer will experience the enjoyment and excitement of the ride, the breath-taking views, fauna and flora, etc.; as well as the food, fun and camaraderie they share at their destinations.
So the title works on two levels.

Bikers ride. They enjoy the pace, the road itself. Invariably, the journey is more important than the destination, but they miss many gems of knowledge along the way. This series aims to spotlights these gems and anyone watching will learn about these gems and when they do travel to these destinations, they’ll know what to look out for. Knowledge leads to anticipation.

This series will also introduce the viewer to the fantastic world of adventure biking or duel sporting. Through the passion and experience of the presenters themselves, to the many tips, tricks and hoards of useful information featured in each episode, the viewer will be left with the urge to try this life changing “sport” out, or at least give it a closer inspection. So don’t be alarmed if you find yourself standing in a motorcycle dealer one day, wondering how you got there.

Those who aren’t bikers or adventurers will be enthralled by the sheer pace and ‘watchability’ of each programme. Because the ‘Look What You’re Missing’ story is told by people who are passionate about it, who live it and believe in it. They are not slick and professional actors or presenters, they are real people who have an intimate rapport with the group of riders; they are part of them.

The series will not only appeal to those considering buying a motorcycle, as each episode will also have information that should be valuable or of interest to existing riders and adventure seekers of all levels of experience as the history, legends, people and places are introduced in each area visited.

Many people I know will argue that South Africa’s beauty is best viewed from behind the handle bars of a motorbike. Now tarred roads on a motorcycle are great fun, but there's a whole lot of South Africa that you'll never see if you stay on them. Adventure motorcycles are a great way to explore our country on two wheels without the bounds or limits imposed by tarred roads, to see the far off the beaten path places in our stunning country, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Watch on Ignition TV - DSTV Channel 189