Episode 1 - Cederberg

Our adventures in episodes one and two are mostly centered around the Cederberg Mountain Range. Even though the Cederberg region is only two hours from Cape Town, the landscape is completely different; wilder with a raw and dramatic beauty. The largely dry and sunny climate of the Cederberg region also makes it an ideal destination almost all year round.

This majestic mountain range is 100km long and known for its characteristic jagged sandstone, richly colored by iron oxides to a deep orange, as well as its curious rock formations. The towering mountains, brilliant purple and orange at sunset, preside over many citrus orchards in the valleys, laden with the scent of orange blossom in the spring.

While getting to Clan William could be an adventure all on its own, we start this adventure already 21km from the historic little town on the Pakhuis Pass, which is situated on the R364. From here we descend into the Agterpakhuis area and enter a world full of history, interesting people, legends, tales and some of the best motorcycling roads in the Cape.

The sights and vistas will literally take your breath away as we traverse Agterpakhuis area and parts of the Biedouw Valley before heading up the Kraaiberg Pass to explore the legend of the old Post Route. Along the way we meet two of the special characters in this area and we visit two of the most fantastic waterfalls in the land during our two days of exploring this area.

The quaint little mission village of Wuppertal is next on the cards before we tackle the mountain tracks through the Cederberg which connect Wuppertal with Matjies River, from where we finally head down towards the Cederberg Oasis  where we spend our last evening being looked after in style by our hosts Gerrit and Chantel.

The roads we travel range from very good gravel to fairly technical paths and climbs, with a bit of sand riding in the mix. We also camp all three nights on this trip; however, more formal accommodation is readily available.

Some of the areas we visit are fairly remote, with hardly a soul to be seen. Along with your motorcycle, this all adds up to an atmosphere of peace and harmony for you to enjoy.
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Cederberg Oasis        http://www.cederbergoasis.co.za/



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