Henk Kotzee

There is one thing you will know for sure after spending a few hours in Henk’s company, there are not many people on the planet who enjoy riding motorcycles as much as this guy. And when you get him talking about exploring on his motorcycle and camping and basically just getting “out there”, well you may as well get comfortable, you’ll probably be listening for a while.

Born in 1981, Henk grew up in the small town of Louis Trichardt in Limpopo province and is the youngest by nine years of four children. Henk’s Father spent a lot of time touring the then Transvaal on a motorbike catching and collecting butterflies and was a huge influence in his love of all things motorcycle related. Unfortunately he had an accident when Henk was about two years old and this kept him from riding for some time. However, there were always a couple of bikes on their small holding and Henk would join his Dad on the tank of a bike for a short ride to close the gate whenever possible.

Around the age of 16, he got his first bike from his parents, a Suzuki ST5 50cc and although this little bike only did one “big tour” to his grandmother’s farm 30km away, the seed was planted and the dreaming began. This little bike eventually followed Henk to college in Pretoria were he traded it in for a 250cc Yamaha which would be his last bike for a while.

Following his future wife Megan to Cape Town they did a fair amount of camping all around the Western Cape, and all the time Henk was dreaming about owning a bike again, so much so that he almost convinced his then boss that a 650 BMW would be the perfect company car. Then in 2006 he bought a 200cc bike which he later swapped for a 600 Honda. He and Megan did some riding on this bike but around that time scuba diving became the new hobby and biking was put on the back burner for a while again, never out of mind though.

For his 30th Birthday, Megan bought Henk a voucher for an off-road training course on an adventure bike. When her very exited Husband came home two days later and told her that the very bike on which he had done the training was for sale, at a “very good price”, well there was just no way that Megan could say no, and so by the following Wednesday he had his dream bike, a BMW 1200GSA! And once he found his dream bike he decided there was a whole lot of catching up to do and started riding whenever and where ever he got a chance.

It also only took one multi day trip north for his wife Megan to decide that the pillion seat was definitely not the best seat in the house, and so she also got her own bike in 2011 and these days if you find one Kotzee, you can be sure the other half is not far away, or on the way as these days his love of all things motorcycle is so great, he has been known to join a weekend trip late on a Saturday night, catching up with his mates by riding through after work commitments.

Henk’s pure childlike enthusiasm for this adventure motorcycle based TV series, was what got the producers attention. He was tagging along as “the help” but it was quite clear he had much more to offer, and so he was suddenly thrust into the limelight so to speak, from behind the light reflector to in front of the cameras.

“The chance to share with others the pure bliss we experience when out riding and exploring with others through Look What You’re Missing is a dream come true. It is very difficult to put in words what we experience on any motorcycle journey and this way, people can not only see the views and the places we get to visit, but they can sort of experience the journey with us, and so hopefully get a sense of what it is really like, because South Africa’s beauty is definitely best viewed from behind the handlebars of a motorbike.”

We couldn’t agree more Henk.

Watch on Ignition TV - DSTV Channel 189