Our Passion

Remember the first day of the school holidays, remember how you felt, how unashamedly happy you were?

Well, we feel like that every time we climb onto our motorcycles, leave the city and the tar behind, and head off to explore our beautiful country. And we get to feel like that just about as often as we like.

For most people, these more remote areas we like to explore are a never-ending, let’s-get-the-hell-out-of-here expanse of nothing they race past on their way to and from the big cities up north or along the coast. They’re missing out. And that’s why we say, slow down, start to take things in, notice things, “Look What You’re Missing”. These off the beaten path areas are full of secrets and charm; with a beauty both as hard as rock art and as promising as a sunrise.

So change your mind-set and your pace and allow us to take you with us on our journeys, or use the information from the “Look What You’re Missing” TV series to plan your own journey.

The Team


Warren Ellwood

Warren was originally born in Yorkshire, England, in 1967, but has been a resident of South Africa from a very early age, and considers himself completely 100% South African.

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Henk Kotzee

There is one thing you will know for sure after spending a few hours in Henk’s company, there are not many people on the planet who enjoy riding motorcycles as much as this guy.

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